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Farshad Lahouti

Associate Professor
Personal Site:
Phone.Number: 61114314
Email: lahouti [AT]


Ph.D.: University of Waterloo, Canada
M.Sc.: University of Waterloo, Canada
B.Sc.: University of Tehran, Iran

Research Interests

 Network Information Theory
 Source, Channel and Network Coding
 Mobile Communication Systems, Networks and Applications
 Software Defined Radio and Practical Implementation of Communication Systems
 Multimedia Compression and Communications
 Cross-Layer Approaches for Wireless Communication Systems Design and Optimization
 Communications Security



 Coding Theory
 Information Theory
 Network Information Theory
 Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
 Wireless Multimedia Communications
  Communications Security

Selected Publications

1) F.Lahouti, A.K.Khandani, "Quantization of LSF parameters using a trellis modeling", IEEE Trans. Speech and Audio Processing, Vol.11, no.5, pp.400-412, sep 2003.

2) F.Lahouti, A.K.Khandani, "Reconstruction of predictively encoded signals over noisy channels using a sequence MMSE decoder", IEEE trans. communications, vol.52, no.8, aug.2004.

3) F.Lahouti, A.K.Khandani, "Efficient source decoding over memoryless noisy channels using higher-order Markov models", IEEE trans. information theory, vol.50, no.9, sep.2004.

4) F.Lahouti, A.R.Fazel, A.H.Safavi-Naeini, A.K.Khandani, "Single and double frame coding of speech LSF parameters using a lattice-based quantization scheme", IEEE Trans. Speech and Audio Process, To Appear, Seo.2006.

5) F.Lahouti, A.K.Khandani, "Soft reconstruction of speech in the presence of noise and packet loss", IEEE trans. speech and audio process, to appear, 2006.

6) F.Lahouti, A.K.Khandani, "Reconstruction of multi-stage vector quantized sources over noisy channels-applications to MELP codec", IEEE transactions on vehicular technology, to appear, 2006.

7) M.Ansari Sadrabadi, A.K.Khandani and F.Lahouti, "A new method of channel feedback quantization for high data rate MIMO systems", IEEE transactions on wireless communications, to appear, 2006.

8) A.Heidari, F.Lahouti, A.K.Khandani, "Improved reconstruction of channel state information in 3GPP", IEEE vehicular technology conference, Dallas, Texas, USA, sept.2005.