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Mohammad Ghanbari (Life Fellow IEEE)

Phone.Number: 61119773
Email: ghan [AT]


Professor, IEEE Life Fellow, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 1980, University of Essex, UK Emeritus Professor, University of Essex, UK.

Research Interests: Video/Image compression, motion estimation. Image/video segmentation/ processing. Image/video retrieval, indexing. Image/video encryption/watermarking. Object tracking, scene analysis. Video networking, Video transcoding, IT-broadcasting workflow. Video quality metrics, IPTV, video over IP. Video coding for IP and wireless networks. Multimedia communication networks. Joint-source channel coding. Overlay networks, ad-hoc networks, manets & vanets, sensor networks. End-to-end quality of service, quality of experience. Network services, Financial analysis of networks and services Peer-to-peer networking, streaming. Cross-layer optimization. Flow/congestion control in IP/heterogeneous networks, Fuzzy logics. Network performance management.





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