Student Branches


Student Branch of IEEE

IEEE student branch of Tehran University as the most representative of the International Institute for Electrical Engineering Students has shone over the fields.






Student Branch of ACM

ACM's most prestigious institution as related to computer science and engineering institution in the years 2011-2012 ACM Student branch of Tehran University as one of the world's top five elected branches.





Student Branch of Bio-Electric

This branch of the diverse activities in order to improve student academic and extra-curricular activities related to medical engineering - Bio-Electric deals.






Council of Representatives

Students' Representative Council, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department plays an active role in the affairs related. The council, whose members are elected by the students in the communication between students and the school management has a key role.





Extracurricular activities

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering students at various positions in various fields of scientific, cultural and social activities engaged Fvqbrnamh.