Dependable and Real-Time Systems (DRTS) research laboratory is located at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Tehran. DRTS research laboratory is actively working at the system level with an emphasis on computer engineering and software.

The research is conducted in the discipline of real-time and embedded systems and networks. The scope of activities covers a relatively wide range of system level designs, starting from floorplanning up to software architecture.

Some active fields of interest are listed below


1. Real-Time Scheduling and Resource Management

2. Energy-Efficient, Energy-, Battery-, and Thermal- Aware Computing

3. Behavior Modeling of Time-Constrained Systems

4. Stochastic Systems: Performance and Reliability Evaluation

5. Dependable Systems and Software

6. Computer Networks

7. Distributed Operating Systems


Associate Professor
Phone.Number: 82084309
Email: kargahi [AT]

Lab News


The area of wireless sensor networks had a huge impact on the research in various fields related to electrical engineering and computer science. Spatially...