Machine Intelligence and Robotics

<a href="/en/node/101025">The MFL PIG designed and constructed with collaboration of Segal Pardazesh Part Co. and University of Tehran.</a> <a href="/en/node/100855">ParroRobot for Autism Screening and Therapy</a> <a href="/en/node/100852">The EPFL-ut 4 Legged Robot</a> <a href="/en/node/100833">Machine Intelligence and Robotics Iftar/ 2015</a> <a href="/en/node/100660"> Climbing Robot for Cleaning and Washing the Lamps</a> <a href="/en/node/100652">Pole Climbing Robot</a> <a href="/en/node/100651">Dome Climbing Robot for Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning</a> <a href="/en/node/100650">Dome Climbing Robot for Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning</a> <a href="/en/node/100649">ParroRobot for Autism Screening and Therapy</a> <a href="/en/node/140">Machine Learning and Robotics Eftar</a>

MLRG is dedicated to teaching and research in Robotics and Intelligent Systems. The program seeks to prepare the students for an industrial career in robotics, automation and intelligent systems. It also prepares the students who wish to pursue advanced studies and research leading to a Ph.D. It offers both master degree and Ph.D. in Robotics and Machine Learning.


The group offers three specializations:

1. Robotics

2. Data Analytics

3. Cognitive modeling

Head of Department

Associate Professor
Phone.Number: 61114960
Email: moradih [AT]